6 Days Machame Route + Safari

• Start: Machame Gate (1,800 m)
• End: Machame Camp (3,000 m)
• Distance: 10 km
• Difference in altitude: 1,200 m
• Time: 6 hours

After breakfast transfer by ATV from Arusha
to the town of Machame (90 minutes from Arusha). from this little
village to Machame Gate, upon reaching the Machame Gate the entrance will be registered
in the Kilimanjaro National Park of all members of the expedition.
Once verified that we have all the necessary material for the day,
We will start the route along well-marked paths between lands destined for the
agriculture, until we entered the zone of the forest belt.
The tropical forest that we must cross is the most humid zone that
we will find in the ascent to Kilimanjaro with fog and rain many days
of the year. The path is well marked but we will often find it
wet and muddy, so we must provide the appropriate material for this
circumstance (boots, boot covers and poles).
In the afternoon, after a stop to eat in the forest itself, we arrive at the
more open area of ​​Machame Camp, a camping space where there is a
small building for the Park staff.
The accommodation in Machame Camp is done in the tents that
are transported and installed every day by the porters, the custom being to lift
sleeping tents and a dining tent. We will also find in this
camp, as in the rest, some very elementary latrines. Water
necessary both to drink and to clean up is provided by the porters, who
They are in charge of collecting it from the streams in the area and boiling it to make it drinkable.
In Machame Camp it is possible that the temperatures at night drop to
zero degrees. Camping accommodation.

• Start: Machame Camp (3,000 m)
• End: Shira 2 Camp (3,810 m)
• Distance: 5 km
• Elevation gain: 800 m
• Time: 5 hours

This day's tour begins as a continuation of the previous day
because for about an hour you continue walking through the forest
tropical. After this journey the vegetation begins to disappear and we
we enter the alpine moor characterized by heather, lobelias and
giant senecios
In a quiet journey through this type of terrain, we will have to walk a little more than two
hours until we reach a small rocky ridge that we will ascend to stand at
the Shira Plateau, the plain between the Kibo and Shira craters.
From this point on a clear day it is possible to see the West Gap (Western
Breach) the route of ascent to Kilimanjaro through the Arrow Glacier. This route is
has claimed a victim as a result of landslides, so the
local authorities kept it closed for several years until early 2008.
From the Shira Plateau to the Shira 2 Camp there is only a short distance left. This
camp is similar in terms of amenities to the previous one. latrines very
elementals and water in bowls provided by the porters. In Shira 2
Camp the temperature usually drops several degrees below zero at night and it is
The first symptoms of mild altitude sickness may be experienced.
Camping accommodation.

• Start: Shira 2 Camp (3,810 m)
• Medium: Lava Tower (4,630 m)
• End: Barranco Camp (3,976 m)
• Distance: 7 km up + 4 km down
• Difference in altitude: 800 m up + 600 m down
• Time: 5.5 hours of rise + 2.5 hours of descent

In the first part of this journey you ascend from Shira 2 Camp to the
Lava Tower for a piece of land that will progressively change towards the
semi-desert. In this first section we will continue with the North course of the days
above to later turn to the East, which will allow us to surround the crater
Kibo for his South skirt. Before reaching the Lava Tower there is a path, by hand
right in the direction of travel, which allows you to descend directly to
Barranco Camp and is commonly used by porters.
The Lava Tower, also called Shark's Tooth, is a
remnant of the first volcanic activity of Kilimanjaro and reach its base
It has no more difficulty than the height and stony of the road. The climbers who
direct their steps to the West Breach usually spend the night in the camp located
behind this peak or in the one that is a little more advanced at the foot of the Glacier
Our route does not run in this direction but descends towards the
Ravine Camp. On the way down, if the weather is clear,
we can enjoy the impressive views of the Breach Wall first and the
Barranco Wall arriving at the camp.
On the Machame Route this day is the most important for acclimatization, when climbing
up to 4,600 m going down to sleep below 4,000. In Barranco Camp it is
more than likely headache and trouble sleeping. the next day
without gaining height it should serve to make these symptoms disappear. Accommodation
in camping

• Start: Barafu Camp (4,673 m)
• Medium: Uhuru Peak (5,895 m)
• End: Mweka Camp (3,068 m)
• Distance: 5 km up + 10 km down
• Difference in altitude: 1,200 m up + 2,800 m down
• Time: 8 hours of ascent + 5 hours of descent

At one in the morning, in the middle of the night, we will start walking to ascend
the Kibo crater by a landslide cone located between the Rebmann and
Ratzel. It is the hardest route of the entire route through strong terrain
high slope.
If all goes well, 6 hours after starting the march we will have reached Stella
Point, at 5,735 m altitude, on the edge of the crater. This could be a good site
for a short rest while we watch the sunrise and thus recover strength for the
two hours that separate us from Uhuru Peak.
The road that remains to us, although it is likely to have snow, is more bearable
than what has been done so far. It runs along the edge of the Kibo crater and in addition to the
glaciers at the top we can see the interior crater Reusch.
The stay at the top will depend on the weather conditions, but not
it is convenient to delay too long; the altitude, the cold and the accumulated fatigue will make
It costs to start the descent.
In the first section of descent, we will descend to Barafu Camp, for which
it will take about three hours. From Barafu Camp we will take the trail
Mweka that will take us to the camp of the same name, where we will spend the
Mweka Camp is located at the top of the forest belt and is very
similar to the first "more comfortable" camps that we used in the
climb Camping accommodation.

• Start: Mweka Camp (3,068 m)
• End: Mweka Gate (1,640 m)
• Distance: 8 km
• Unevenness: 1,400 m descent
• Time: 4 hours

From Mweka Camp to Mweka Gate we descend peacefully through the area
forest that we already know. At Mweka Gate we will once again accredit ourselves to the
authorities of the Kilimanjaro National Park and we will receive a certificate from the
ascension. This accreditation will be different if we have reached Stella Point or if
we have managed to crown the summit of Kilimanjaro in Uhuru Peak.
Hotel accommodation .

After breakfast we will leave for the Lake Manyara National Park famous for
the climbing lions that inhabit it. Accommodation in hotel or camping.

After breakfast we will head towards the Serengeti National Park, passing through
first time through the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. Accommodation in tented camp or

Day dedicated to exploring the park, walking its tracks between the extensive plains in
search for the big five At sunset we will enjoy the impressive sunsets
in the savannah Accommodation in tented camp or camping.

This day we will leave very early in the morning to be able to enjoy the park for the last
time. Then we will go to the Ngorongoro Crater Conservation Area of
road. Optional visit to a Masai village. Accommodation in lodge or camping.

We will get up very early, and after breakfast, we will spend an unforgettable day in
the crater, habitat of more than 25,000 mammals, including the endangered Black Rhino
of extinction. In the afternoon we will take the road to the Tarangire to spend the night.
Accommodation in Tented Camp or camping.

Breakfast and we will do photographic safari in the tarangire in the afternoon they transferred us in the
Arusha city where we will spend the night. Hotel accommodation.

After breakfast, transfer to the airport to take the flight.
back home. End of our services.


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