Mafia island is a small jewel lying about 160 km of Zanzibar. It’s name has Arabic roots and means “protection”, because of its caves, that contained the slaves captured in the area.
Its landscape is superb: crystalline water of an extraordinary blue turquoise color, banks of white sand, thousands of colored fishes around the coral reefs … A paradise to discover.

Mafia Island Marine Park is the largest protected area in the Indian Ocean. It has an area of more than 800 sq kilometers around the south-eastern end of Mafia and Chole bay.
Among their beautiful reefs we can find more than 400 species of fish, besides a great coral diversity. An impressive landscape for the diving lovers.

lMafia is also known by the green turtles and carey, the main attraction for the specialists that want to observe them.


The main acitivities to do in Mafia island are:
-Snorkelling and swimming around the islets and beautiful coral shelves of Chole Bay
-Scuba diving on reefs in Chole Bay
-Light sport fishing (trolling), bottom fishing and beach casting
-Sailing wind-surfers and sailboards or traditional outrigger ngalawas with local fishermen
-Daily boat excursions and picnics (combined with snorkelling) to isolated islets and beaches such as Kitutia, Ras Kisimani, Miewe, Mvinje, Marimbani Sand Bar
-Guided excursions to villages on the islands to see traditional village community life and economic activity, such as boat building and farming
-Boat and walking excursion to the ancient ruins of Kua on Juani Island and the water nature trail
-Road excursions to other parts of Mafia Island, such as Kilindoni, Ras Mbizi Plantation, Baleni Village
-Nature walks and bird-watching through mangrove, inter-tidal flats and woodland, and on the reef flats