Walking Safari Overview

A walking safari is an adventurous activity where guests embark on slow paced, guided walks with the primary objective to discover a level of detail you haven’t seen before, from tiny reptiles and insects to learning how guides track big game out in the bush. The small details that are overlooked on game drives become more apparent from the slower pace and lower angle of being on foot.

Short Walking Safari: Shorter walking safaris, ranging from a couple of hours to a half-day excursion. There’s something special about exploring the African bush on a walking safari. Not only will you see animals like elephant and giraffe from a completely different perspective, but you’ll also gain a deeper, more intimate connection with your surroundings. So, leave behind the comfort of a 4×4 vehicle and discover the magic of African destinations like Tanzania on foot!

Multi-day Walking Safari: From African bush walks with expert local guides which reveal a completely different way of life to sleeping under the stars on a multi-day walking safari expedition, walking safaris provide you with a true taste of the wilderness, which you can’t experience from the comfort of a safari vehicle or lodge. On this style of tour, participants head out into the bush for several hours at a time, while hiking from camp to camp and covering vast stretches of terrain every day. You’ll be on foot most of the time, but there’s also plenty of time to relax and recharge back at camp in between game walks.

Regardless of duration, both types of walking safari are generally slow in pace (Pole Pole) and suitable for all fitness levels.